• My Favourites A-Z

    My Favourites A-Z


    With less than 140calories and 15 grams of fat per in half a medium sized avocado, some believe it is the perfect food. Many nutritionists claim it not only contains everything a person needs to survive, but also contributes to the prevention and control of many health conditions. (Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetics, cancer and more).

    • high in fibre
    • sodium and cholesterol free
    • high in potassium
    • packed with diesease fighting anti-oxidants
    • 20 essential nutrients
    • vitamins A, C, D, E, K and many B vitamins
    • rich in healthy fats (ie. omega 3)

    This versatile fruit is great in salads & salad dressings, on sandwiches, in dips, as a baking substitute and is also considered as one of the best transition food for babies. Are you getting enough avocado??


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