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What Peak Body Training is all about

At Peak Body Training our passionate trainers continually strive to teach, motivate and inspire each client. We focus on core stability and functional whole-body movement training. In individualized and group training, we develop and instruct programs built around realistic goals. We teach proper exercise techniques while providing on-going support and professional guidance. We design challenging workouts that can be adapted to any fitness level because our number one goal is to help each client reach her personal best.

Marcy Peaker Voted The Chief Readers Choice Best Personal Trainer 2018

Marcy Peaker
Voted Best Personal Trainer 2018
Squamish Readers Choice


“Since I started working with Marcy on one on one personal training she helped me build my confidence and the strength in myself. It was her constant encouragement and positive words “you got this “ and many more that kept me going. Her workout classes are fun and awesome workouts. I love going to them. She never gives up on you and makes you believe in yourself. Marcy is the best!”

– Jodi Escott

“I have attended many of Marcy’s fitness classes including Bootcamp, VIPR and currently, the mother and daughter boot camp. Marcy’s vast knowledge and experience in health and fitness is well demonstrated within her classes as she is able to adapt or give alternate exercises according to any fitness level and places a high value on correct form with each exercise. The classes are fun, challenging and varied so that at the end of the class, I feel energetic, strong, healthy and happy! Marcy’s guidance and encouragement always seem to keep my motivation high which builds more confidence in achieving my fitness goals. She can even keep my 12 year old daughter motivated to keep fit!! I love the energy and enthusiasm found in each one of Marcy’s classes.”

– Yvonne C.