• What is ViPR?

    What is ViPR?

    ViPR is an acronym for Vitality, Performance & Reconditioning. ViPR is a revolutionary, multipurpose tool that bridges the gap between movement and strength training. By combining functional whole-body movement patterns with resistance training, ViPR creates “loaded movement training”. ViPR is versatile, it can be used indoors & outdoors, anywhere by anyone. ViPR can be regressed and progressed to any fitness level or individual goal. ViPR is an effective mobile tool that allows you to lift, drag, shift & twist your way to your goals faster than ever!

    What can you Expect?

    • Improved balance, timing & co-ordination
    • Improved agility & dynamic strength
    • Enhanced weight management
    • Enhanced functionality of daily life
    • Enhanced sport performance
    • Fun, challenging workouts

    Who is Using ViPR?

    • Professional sports teams (hockey, football, baseball)
    • Injury rehabilitation centers
    • Tactical military
    • Olympic athletes
    • Firefighter houses
    • Law enforcement
    • Peak Body Training

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